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Roller-skating, recreational and competitive sport in which the participants use special shoes fitted with small wheels to move about on rinks or paved surfaces. Roller-skating sports include speed skating, hockey, figure skating, and dancing competitions similar to the ice-skating sports, as well as the vertical and street-style competitions common to so-called extreme sports.


Benefits of Skating

It’s a mood booster: How often do you see someone roller skating while unhappy? With the variety of music, lighting, health benefits, and social activity, roller skating is one of the most fun workouts you can get.


Cross Training Exercise: Using Roller Skates requires to you to move like you would when jogging. Skating can therefore be a great way to reap the benefits of jogging whilst adding a bit of fun and variation to your routine. The zero-impact nature of skating is also great for injured runners as skating reduces the intensity of the exercise on damaged joints.

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